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From Sunday, March 11...

Jeff and I went to Idyllwild this weekend. Since 1995 or 1996, I've gone at least once a year to this small town in the mountains. It's about 2.5 hours from where I live. Idyllwild is one of my favorite places. Thankfully, Jeff likes it as well, so he now joins me on these yearly trips. When I was younger, I did little to no outdoorsy things. My mom, who came up with the idea to do a mother/daughter weekend annually, and I greatly preferred watching movies and shopping to hiking! Now, my trips involve a little shopping (to my favorite store in Idyllwild, the Spruce Moose), tasty food, and hiking.

This trip, the goal was to get all the way up Devil's Slide and try to get to Taquhitz Peak. Unfortunately, about 2.1 miles into the trail (out of 2.5 total, for the first part) we hit icy snow. There had been a little snow here and there before this moment... but the trail eventually became completely snow-covered. If we had remembered to bring the trekking poles, we could have continued. Oh well!

Jeff, pre-hike

Me in Idyllwild

Stone path

I love it when trails have stone steps. They can be a pain to walk on sometimes, but they are so pretty!

Snow covered trail

View of Mtns from Devil's Slide

The mountains in California give you perspective.

Lake Fulmor

After driving past it for a few years, we finally took a walk around Lake Fulmor. Quite pleasant, actually. The trail that goes along the lake is easy. Made for a nice post-lunch stroll.

Duck on Lake Fulmor

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