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From March 2012...

March was a fantastic month for travel. Jeff and I went to Griffith Park, Idyllwild, Joshua Tree, and Mammoth! Enjoy part 1 of my weekend recap.

Joshua tree campground

To me, Joshua Tree is a prettier area than Death Valley. There's less grey-brown dirt, more color. We snagged a great campsite in Jumbo Rocks, near Skull Rock (a point of interest on the road... and yes, the rock looks like a skull. Reminds me of Peter Pan!). I have more photos from J Tree to share, mostly of flowers. They were blooming all over the southern part of the park!

Goa vegetarian vindaloo

A more adventurous dinner- goa vegetarian vindaloo. It's a red Indian curry supposedly influenced by the Portuguese. Either way, it was tasty.

Snow covered patio

It SNOWED in Mammoth! Jeff took all the actual skiing photos. I'll see if I can snag a couple for the blog.


Our condo, just down the street from Canyon Lodge. We had the top floor.

At toomey's

Instead of skiing on Sunday, April 1, Jeff, myself, and two friends went to Toomey's in the village. Pleasant walk/gondola ride. Good food.

Snow drift


On main street

Mountain view from main street in town.

Hwy 203

View off Hwy 203, on the way to Hwy 395.

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From Thursday, March 22...

Farmer's Market strawberries

It's strawberry season in Southern California! One of the cities in my county, Oxnard, grows a lot of strawberries. So much so that they have a festival later this spring.

My berry haul

I would have gotten 3 baskets to make a pie... but decided against it at the last minute. SO BIG!

Orange delight

Re-doing flowers I bought on Sunday at Trader Joes, plus cara cara navel oranges.

Flower/orange bowl

More orange. (plus d'orange!!)
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From Saturday, March 17 & Sunday, March 18

Last weekend was split mostly between Wondercon and baking.

Con lunch

Con lunch. Only had to wait a couple minutes in line to get this fruit pop!

Journal drawing

Ooooh aahhhh drawing from Larry Marder in my journal. I would post Mike Mignola's page... but he just signed it. :/ (Larry Marder is the creator of Beanworld, and a good friend of my con buddy, Ivy)

Orange sherbet

The baking part of my weekend!! Orange sherbet. Possibly the best batch of ice cream I've made yet. Fairly close to the taste of the commercial variety, but with a MUCH shorter ingredient list.

Chocolate eclairs

Baking pt 2- chocolate eclairs from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table. These were a huge success. There aren't any left!


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