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From Wednesday, February 8...

The sound board...

Yum dinner!
Love Sushi is my favorite restaurant in Simi Valley. When I go there with Jeff, I normally order tempura udon and some kind of roll. This time, we got the spicy tuna tempura roll and the lyon roll. The lyon roll had avocado mmm!

Finished dinner
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From More than Waffles, a mostly breakfast restaurant in Encino.

Tea at more than waffles
When I ordered my tea, the waiter gave me a little box that included several different kinds of tea. I was pleased by the selection.

The little brother
Ben is 6'5". He's my little brother is age only.

Farmer's omelette: spinach, basil, goat cheese, and mushrooms, with a whole lot of avocado on top.

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Also from Thanksgiving 2011...

El Cap

My little brother's shadow, in front of the glorious El Captain.
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Attempting to re-instate regular posting here... I have a backlog of photos to post!


Jeff and I just got back from Yosemite Facelift 2011. Together, we picked up about 21 pounds of trash. The above photo is two shots combined using Photoshop's HDR tool and some tweaking by Jeff. Not perfect, but better than the originals!
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Yesterday, Jeff and I went hiking in Temescal Canyon. It starts in Pacific Palisades, which is between Malibu and Santa Monica, and goes into Topanga State Park. The view at the top is gorgeous. We did the canyon loop, which proved to be more challenging than I was expecting. On our way to the top, we stopped at a small waterfall. The Canyon was very green, with cool, crisp air throughout.
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Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones starred in the holiday show near me in December. I worked for the producing company at the time. She's a very gracious star. She signed autographs, books, and CDs after every performance, and listened attentively to her fans many remarks of praise.
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Taken with my new Droid X phone using the app Vignette. A lovely tree near work.
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Checkboard Mesa

In Zion National Park, at Checkboard Mesa.
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Cut because it's two pictures... )

I just got back from a trip to Utah, so pictures from that are forthcoming.
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Trona Pinnacles, near Death Valley. In the distance is the small town of Trona.
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Tuolumne Meadows in September.


Oct. 19th, 2010 08:37 am
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A month or so ago, I went to Yosemite National Park to volunteer for the annual Facelift, run by the Yosemite Climbing Association. It's a massive volunteer cleanup event after the summer season. Jeff, Carla (an college roommate of mine), and I had the fortune of spending time both in the Valley and in Tuolumne Meadows. Here are two pictures from the Valley from our hike to Sentinel Dome.

El Capitan from Taft's Point.

Half Dome, as seen from the top of Sentinel Dome.


Oct. 16th, 2010 03:58 pm
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This was meant to be a photo blog. Time to try again!

I believe anyone following me here is also my friend on LiveJournal. I don't intend to double post, at least not right now. I am content with separate journals.

I'll start with photos from three years ago (can't believe it's been three!) from Ghana, at the Liberian Refugee Camp. I volunteered at a primary school, mostly focusing on a theatre for development project. The kids were wonderful.

This was the day of my project presentation. Almost the whole school was in attendance.

My dad came to Ghana the week before I went home for good. He did a talk about cell phones for the school. Most of the kids had a hard time understanding him, but the Q&A session was fun. My dad did a good job, all things considered!

I loved working with these kids. They had huge amounts of energy, and were very creative. Under the guidance of the math teacher, who became a close friend of mine, they made up a play about the growing importance of cell phones in Africa. It was presented the day my dad spoke.
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I didn't mean for so much time to past since my last post here. These are from my boyfriend's (referred to here as Jeff) flickr page.

We went to a Renaissance Faire a couple months ago. This lady was selling flags. I took this, though he doesn't seem to have credited me yet. ;)

Took this one too. We went to Malibu last weekend for breakfast at a beach-side restaurant.

I'm not sure who took this one... Again in Malibu.
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Jeff combined a series of shots of me running up a sand dune in Death Valley, CA.


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