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From the last two weeks

I didn't mean to go on hiatus! The last several weeks at work have between longer than usual.

The new (ish) instagram app for the Droid is my camera of choice now. Though vignette offers similar editing choices, instagram is easier for me to use.

Wildflowers at Hillcrest

I took a walk on friday, to clear my head in between work and the neverending story performance. The hillside is covered in flowers. Mostly it's the tall yellow ones, but I found orange!

Wildflowers at Hillcrest II

Wildflowers at Hillcrest III

Wildwood Regional Park

Wildwood Regional Park is part of the Conejo Recreation & Park District, where I work. I went to Wildwood for the first time last weekend. It's quite lovely. I found myself a nice rock on a hill to sit, eat my lunch, and read in between neverending story performances.

Pink hair pink dress

Last sunday, I dyed my hair pink.
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From Thursday, March 22...

Farmer's Market strawberries

It's strawberry season in Southern California! One of the cities in my county, Oxnard, grows a lot of strawberries. So much so that they have a festival later this spring.

My berry haul

I would have gotten 3 baskets to make a pie... but decided against it at the last minute. SO BIG!

Orange delight

Re-doing flowers I bought on Sunday at Trader Joes, plus cara cara navel oranges.

Flower/orange bowl

More orange. (plus d'orange!!)
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From last week...

Santa Ana train station

Santa Ana Train Station.

San diego north coast

Somewhere in Del Mar/Encinitas in San Diego. This part of the train ride goes past several lagoons/wetland areas.

Fairy lights sunset

Work sunset.

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From February 16...

Lunch for the sick
My "I have a cold" lunch from Panera. I overheard strange conversations that day... like how an employee had to fold a paper in half twice, then cut it into a circle. No one at that table understood why the task was important and had to be done.

Fireplace candles
The gas fireplace has been broken for at least a couple years. After cleaning this small area in the apartment, I figured candles were in order.

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From February 15...

Lunch hour
How I spend most of my lunch hours right now. In the rehearsal room, eating out of my lunch bag, and playing a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano.

Cozy feet music
Cozy feet. Fun music.
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From January 25, 2012... (in honor of potential Baby being born today... or tomorrow)

From Megan and Jim's fantastic baby shower, held by the place where Megan and I work.

Cookie spread
So many delicious cookies and cupcakes!

The Queen!

The theme was superhero Shakespeare.

Victoria's Present
The beginning of the presents. Awww tiny baby things. :D

Megan, Jim, and Baby Othello Hulk
Megan and Jim with baby Othello Hulk, the winner of the "imagine Megan and Jim's baby" contest.
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From February, 11 in the evening...

Conejo Valley sunset
My work is one of the best places in the area to watch the sunset. Our building looks out over the valley and into the coastal mountains. A few miles past the mountains is the ocean.

Hayworth Theatre
The Hayworth Theatre, near MacArthur Park off Wilshire. There's a lot of cool architecture in this area, plus easy parking.

From February 12...

Theatre jams recipe
New recipe from Martha Stewart Living! It turned out well. Mmm shrimp!
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Taken with my new Droid X phone using the app Vignette. A lovely tree near work.