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From September 28 & 29, 2012

(LOTS of photos ahead)

I made two yummy creations this weekend. One I have photos; the other I made at a friend's house and did not bring the camera. Jeff and I managed the beach after last week's car failure. We're experiencing the standard October heat in Southern California, so the beach is still very very nice.

Sugared ramekins

The little ramekins for the caramel chocolate soufflé.

Caramel chocolate soufflé filling

Caramel pastry cream with chopped bittersweet chocolate and whipped egg whites with sugar. Fold very gently so you don't deflate the egg whites.

Shrimp and sweet potato friends

The Saturday feast from Neptune's Net. Both Jeff and I think we ate a little too much fried seafood... thankfully we had comfy beach pillows and blankets to rest on while our stomachs recovered.

Calamari and French Fries

Part II of the Saturday Feast. Neptune's Net is a seafood restaurant north of Malibu on the PCH (or the 1- same thing). It has a fried side and a steamed side. Next time, we are definitely trying out the steamed seafood. It comes with corn... at least when it's in season!!


Pumpkins grow well in Southern California. We passed a couple patches of pumpkin farmland on our way home from the beach. The next few photos are from Underwood Family Farms. They have two locations, one in Somis and one in Moorpark.

Fall Goards

I like gourds.

Local summer berries

I love SoCal growing seasons. We get pumpkins AND summer berries in October. The blackberries and raspberries are from the farm.

Local heirloom tomatoes

There are also lots of local heirloom tomatoes still. I bought some tiny orange ones, plus the red cherokee and yellow pineapple variety. I ate them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil (from my garden), and Parmesan cheese.

My Pygmy Goat Friend

Goats climb things. This makes total sense when I remember the high mountain mammal enclosure at the San Diego Safari Park. It's not there anymore, sadly. But, they had goats! climbing things!

Goat Faces

Thank goodness for Jeff. Without him I'd never know what I looked like as a goat.

Fall Photo

Fall/Indian Summer/Heat/Light.

Pgymy Goat

Proof that goats climb things.

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From September 28 & 29, 2012 (preview)

Jeff and I had a food fun filled weekend. Here's a couple shots to whet your appetite...

Calamari and French Fries

My Pgymy Goat Friend

Don't worry- this goat was not part of the food we ate! He's a pygmy goat living happily at Underwood Family Farms.

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From May 25-28, 2012...

Last weekend, Jeff and I took a 4 day trip to the Eastern Sierras. We experienced rain, snow, and sun, plus sub-freezing temps at night. This time, instead of driving straight to Yosemite, we went at a moderate pace, stopping at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and even places north of Lee Vining, the town just outside of the park.

La semaine dernière, Jeff et moi, nous allions en voyage à la montagne sierra pour quatre jours. Il y avait la pluie, la neige, et le soleil, en plus de les températures glacials à la nuit. Cette fois, au lieu de conduire à Yosemite, nous sommes allé lentement mais sûrement. Nous avons arrêté la forêt ancienne de bristlecone pine et les endroits qui sont nord de Lee Vining, une petite ville à la éxterieur du parc.

White Mtns

Big Pine campsite

Eric Schat's bakery

June Lake Scenic Loop

Mono Lake Basin

The "Awesome Meadow"

Wooden bridge to "Awesome Meadow"

Jeff in the snow

Tuolumne Meadows

Snow storm in yosemite

Aspen campground

Aspens in the sierra

Lower Cathedral Lake

Jeff took this photo at Cathedral Lake. He set up his camera and took continual shots during sunset. He used his wide angle lens. It was SO COLD!!

Lower Cathedral Lake

Another Jeff photo, facing the opposite way as the above photograph. Beneath the lake is the road into the Valley, just after the Meadow. To the left and down is Tenaya Lake. To the left and many, many miles away is Half Dome.
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From March 2012...

March was a fantastic month for travel. Jeff and I went to Griffith Park, Idyllwild, Joshua Tree, and Mammoth! Enjoy part 1 of my weekend recap.

Joshua tree campground

To me, Joshua Tree is a prettier area than Death Valley. There's less grey-brown dirt, more color. We snagged a great campsite in Jumbo Rocks, near Skull Rock (a point of interest on the road... and yes, the rock looks like a skull. Reminds me of Peter Pan!). I have more photos from J Tree to share, mostly of flowers. They were blooming all over the southern part of the park!

Goa vegetarian vindaloo

A more adventurous dinner- goa vegetarian vindaloo. It's a red Indian curry supposedly influenced by the Portuguese. Either way, it was tasty.

Snow covered patio

It SNOWED in Mammoth! Jeff took all the actual skiing photos. I'll see if I can snag a couple for the blog.


Our condo, just down the street from Canyon Lodge. We had the top floor.

At toomey's

Instead of skiing on Sunday, April 1, Jeff, myself, and two friends went to Toomey's in the village. Pleasant walk/gondola ride. Good food.

Snow drift


On main street

Mountain view from main street in town.

Hwy 203

View off Hwy 203, on the way to Hwy 395.

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From Thursday, March 22...

Farmer's Market strawberries

It's strawberry season in Southern California! One of the cities in my county, Oxnard, grows a lot of strawberries. So much so that they have a festival later this spring.

My berry haul

I would have gotten 3 baskets to make a pie... but decided against it at the last minute. SO BIG!

Orange delight

Re-doing flowers I bought on Sunday at Trader Joes, plus cara cara navel oranges.

Flower/orange bowl

More orange. (plus d'orange!!)
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From Saturday, March 17 & Sunday, March 18

Last weekend was split mostly between Wondercon and baking.

Con lunch

Con lunch. Only had to wait a couple minutes in line to get this fruit pop!

Journal drawing

Ooooh aahhhh drawing from Larry Marder in my journal. I would post Mike Mignola's page... but he just signed it. :/ (Larry Marder is the creator of Beanworld, and a good friend of my con buddy, Ivy)

Orange sherbet

The baking part of my weekend!! Orange sherbet. Possibly the best batch of ice cream I've made yet. Fairly close to the taste of the commercial variety, but with a MUCH shorter ingredient list.

Chocolate eclairs

Baking pt 2- chocolate eclairs from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table. These were a huge success. There aren't any left!
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From Sunday, March 11...

Jeff and I went to Idyllwild this weekend. Since 1995 or 1996, I've gone at least once a year to this small town in the mountains. It's about 2.5 hours from where I live. Idyllwild is one of my favorite places. Thankfully, Jeff likes it as well, so he now joins me on these yearly trips. When I was younger, I did little to no outdoorsy things. My mom, who came up with the idea to do a mother/daughter weekend annually, and I greatly preferred watching movies and shopping to hiking! Now, my trips involve a little shopping (to my favorite store in Idyllwild, the Spruce Moose), tasty food, and hiking.

This trip, the goal was to get all the way up Devil's Slide and try to get to Taquhitz Peak. Unfortunately, about 2.1 miles into the trail (out of 2.5 total, for the first part) we hit icy snow. There had been a little snow here and there before this moment... but the trail eventually became completely snow-covered. If we had remembered to bring the trekking poles, we could have continued. Oh well!

Jeff, pre-hike

Me in Idyllwild

Stone path

I love it when trails have stone steps. They can be a pain to walk on sometimes, but they are so pretty!

Snow covered trail

View of Mtns from Devil's Slide

The mountains in California give you perspective.

Lake Fulmor

After driving past it for a few years, we finally took a walk around Lake Fulmor. Quite pleasant, actually. The trail that goes along the lake is easy. Made for a nice post-lunch stroll.

Duck on Lake Fulmor

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From last week...

Santa Ana train station

Santa Ana Train Station.

San diego north coast

Somewhere in Del Mar/Encinitas in San Diego. This part of the train ride goes past several lagoons/wetland areas.

Fairy lights sunset

Work sunset.

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From February 27...

My adventure to San Diego, especially my parents' backyard.

Simi valley train station

Simi Valley train station in the morning.

Train station flowers

Beautiful purple flowers at the Solana Beach train station.

Popular bird feeder

The feeder had at least 6 birds on it before I snapped this photo. It was so cool!

Flowering succulent

My dad has a lot of succulents in pots in the backyard. I've never seen this particular plant get yellow before.

Hanging succulent

Favorite flowering shrub

My favorite flowering shrub. It reminds me of cherry blossoms. It only blooms once a year, in March.

The bird tree

All the birds live in here.


HAIL!! San Diego gets hail just once or twice a year.
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From last Sunday, February, 19...

(I had a packed weekend, between shows and other plans, hence no posting for a few days!)

Little daisies maybe

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From February 21...

I went biking along the arroyo trail yesterday. It was lovely. The trail is never crowded. I enjoy peering into backyards as I go along on my bike.

Arroyo bike path
The only time Southern California gets green is in the winter. We get our rolling green hills in February!

Residential blossoms
These flowers were in a front yard along a main road in my town.

Cast iron skillet pizza
A hybrid recipe inspired by Martha Stewart Living. Pizza in a cast iron skillet tastes much better than just baking it regular like.
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From February 18, in my tiny recovering balcony garden...
(ps- I'm trying the english/french combo today!)

de 18 février, dans mon petit jardin sur le balcon

Inside parsley planter
Cactus and parsley. Since I don't get a lot of sun, flowers don't grow well. So, I've been using succulents to add color to my herbs.

Le cactus et le persil. Depuis que je ne reçois pas beaucoup du soleil sur mon balcon, les fleurs cultivent mal. Je utilise les cactus pour plus de la couleur.

Cactus and parsley
The cactus in the middle is actually very spiky. Not my favorite kind of cactus, but I love the flower at the top!

Le cactus dan le milieu a beaucoup des épines. Ce n'est pas mon préféré, mais j'adore le fleur d'oranger!

New planter
Up until last week, I hadn't bought a store-made planter. I caved.

Store bought and homegrown planters
Store-bought on the left, and homegrown on the right. I should note that the cactus are not grown from seed- but I did plant them in there myself.

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After the show.

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From February 16...

Lunch for the sick
My "I have a cold" lunch from Panera. I overheard strange conversations that day... like how an employee had to fold a paper in half twice, then cut it into a circle. No one at that table understood why the task was important and had to be done.

Fireplace candles
The gas fireplace has been broken for at least a couple years. After cleaning this small area in the apartment, I figured candles were in order.

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From February 15...

Lunch hour
How I spend most of my lunch hours right now. In the rehearsal room, eating out of my lunch bag, and playing a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano.

Cozy feet music
Cozy feet. Fun music.
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From January 25, 2012... (in honor of potential Baby being born today... or tomorrow)

From Megan and Jim's fantastic baby shower, held by the place where Megan and I work.

Cookie spread
So many delicious cookies and cupcakes!

The Queen!

The theme was superhero Shakespeare.

Victoria's Present
The beginning of the presents. Awww tiny baby things. :D

Megan, Jim, and Baby Othello Hulk
Megan and Jim with baby Othello Hulk, the winner of the "imagine Megan and Jim's baby" contest.
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From February, 11 in the evening...

Conejo Valley sunset
My work is one of the best places in the area to watch the sunset. Our building looks out over the valley and into the coastal mountains. A few miles past the mountains is the ocean.

Hayworth Theatre
The Hayworth Theatre, near MacArthur Park off Wilshire. There's a lot of cool architecture in this area, plus easy parking.

From February 12...

Theatre jams recipe
New recipe from Martha Stewart Living! It turned out well. Mmm shrimp!
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From backstage...

My station where I call the youth theatre shows. I would have shown more of the script, but I'm a little worried about getting in trouble by Disney lol.

Show via webcam
I see the show via this webcam. It's mostly black and white. Any colors I get are normally very desaturated. When I first started with this company in 2008, working with the webcam was hard. It lost signal a lot. Now, I feel more comfortable calling shows. So, if the webcam stops working, it's normally not a major problem.
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From Wednesday, February 8...

The sound board...

Yum dinner!
Love Sushi is my favorite restaurant in Simi Valley. When I go there with Jeff, I normally order tempura udon and some kind of roll. This time, we got the spicy tuna tempura roll and the lyon roll. The lyon roll had avocado mmm!

Finished dinner
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From More than Waffles, a mostly breakfast restaurant in Encino.

Tea at more than waffles
When I ordered my tea, the waiter gave me a little box that included several different kinds of tea. I was pleased by the selection.

The little brother
Ben is 6'5". He's my little brother is age only.

Farmer's omelette: spinach, basil, goat cheese, and mushrooms, with a whole lot of avocado on top.


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