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From February 27...

My adventure to San Diego, especially my parents' backyard.

Simi valley train station

Simi Valley train station in the morning.

Train station flowers

Beautiful purple flowers at the Solana Beach train station.

Popular bird feeder

The feeder had at least 6 birds on it before I snapped this photo. It was so cool!

Flowering succulent

My dad has a lot of succulents in pots in the backyard. I've never seen this particular plant get yellow before.

Hanging succulent

Favorite flowering shrub

My favorite flowering shrub. It reminds me of cherry blossoms. It only blooms once a year, in March.

The bird tree

All the birds live in here.


HAIL!! San Diego gets hail just once or twice a year.
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From February 21...

I went biking along the arroyo trail yesterday. It was lovely. The trail is never crowded. I enjoy peering into backyards as I go along on my bike.

Arroyo bike path
The only time Southern California gets green is in the winter. We get our rolling green hills in February!

Residential blossoms
These flowers were in a front yard along a main road in my town.

Cast iron skillet pizza
A hybrid recipe inspired by Martha Stewart Living. Pizza in a cast iron skillet tastes much better than just baking it regular like.
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From Wednesday, February 8...

The sound board...

Yum dinner!
Love Sushi is my favorite restaurant in Simi Valley. When I go there with Jeff, I normally order tempura udon and some kind of roll. This time, we got the spicy tuna tempura roll and the lyon roll. The lyon roll had avocado mmm!

Finished dinner


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